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How to Maintain Your Plantation Shutter Windows So They Last

Plantation shutter windows are often the most popular window treatment in Australia. They offer various benefits and years of enjoyment with the right maintenance and care. However, without the right cleaning, you may notice reduced privacy and security. Plus, the windows might not last as long, forcing you to replace the plantation shutters before their time. In this article we’ll talk about How you can maintain your Plantation Shutter Windows.

If you have plantation shutter windows, here are a few tips to help you maintain them so that they last much longer:


The Right Tools

Before you can maintain your plantation shutters Perth, you need the right tools for the job. Some equipment to consider includes:

  • Cleaning solutions
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Vacuum cleaner (various attachments)

The microfiber cloth and vacuum cleaner are extremely useful for getting dust off of the shutters. However, the cleaning method you use depends on the window treatment you have.

For example, solid wood plantation shutters are often fragile compared to their counterparts. Therefore, you shouldn’t use harsh cleaning products or excessive amounts of water. However, faux wood and vinyl are more resistant to chemicals and water.

Some Australian homeowners even use brooms to remove dirt and dust from the plantation shutter windows. Make sure that it’s a soft-bristle brush so that it doesn’t scratch the paint! Plus, this method also puts more dust into the air.

The Correct Technique

Before cleaning the plantation shutter windows, remove any curtains or drapes. You can wash them based on the label instructions later.

Use the vacuum to remove dust. Then, measure enough of the cleaning solution and dip the end of the microfiber cloth into it. Gently wipe the plantation shutters, scrubbing lightly if you notice severe stains.

pic showing white plantation shutter windows

How to Deal with Stubborn Stains

Sometimes, the stains are too stubborn to remove by cleaning. If the plantation shutter windows are still in good condition, consider repainting them. That way, you hide the stain and have a new surface to keep clean.

It’s not easy to paint your shutters, and it might require you to remove them from the windows. You should talk with an installation expert to find out how to do this. They may even be able to come to your home and remove the shutters so that you may paint them.

Just remember that your house is less secure, and you have less privacy while they are off the windows.

It’s often better to use acrylic paint for vinyl plantation shutters. However, if you have wood, you may want to find the same stain and use that.

This is often difficult, and most homeowners don’t want to take the time to paint their shutters. If that’s the case, don’t fret. A little more elbow grease might be all that’s needed to get them clean.

Set a Schedule for Cleaning

Now that you have clean plantation shutter windows, you should set up a schedule. For example, most people wipe them down or vacuum them once a week and find that’s enough.

However, you might live in a high-dust area and find that they get dusty and dirty more often. Pay attention for a few weeks to see how the plantation shutters look. If they’re dusty before the next cleaning day, adjust your cleaning schedule.

Replace Them as Needed

There might come a time where the Perth plantation shutters just can’t be salvaged. If they get broken or worn out, it’s time to replace them.

That way, you continue seeing the advantages of the shutters, such as privacy, lower energy bills, and more. Don’t hesitate to call an installation expert and discuss your needs.


Caring for your plantation shutter windows can extend their lifespan. However, there is bound to be a time where they are worn or damaged and must be replaced. When that happens, turn to A2B Windows and Blinds, your local plantation shutter window installation experts for assistance.


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