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What Are Five Features You Should Consider When Buying Plantation Shutters in Perth?

Plantation shutters are a preferred choice when seeking window treatments. These shutters are more versatile, less expensive, and require minimal upkeep when compared to curtains. Additionally, investments in quality plantation shutters can increase your home’s value. However, to ensure you gain the best value for money from such an investment, there are a few features to consider while buying Plantation Shutters in Perth. 

Considering this, What Are Five Features You Should Consider When Buying Plantation Shutters in Perth? Well….

 Installation Process

 It’s vital to employ a qualified installer to ensure the right processes are conducted that align with the manufacturer’s requirements. Failing to do this could void the warranty offered when purchasing plantation shutters.

Man fitting double glazing windowsMoreover, not following the right installation process can rapidly reduce the durability of these window coverings. Attention to detail is crucial when installing window coverings. Frames should be kept perfectly square and true while avoiding any pinched hinges and stress on the panelling. Thus, reducing warpage. 

An inexperienced installer doesn’t take the time to get the frame perfectly level. This can cause the frame to bend, leading to cracks, damage, and warpage. However, you can avoid these issues by ensuring your plantation shutters are installed by a qualified and experienced professional.

 Materials Matter

Wood is the most common material used in plantation shutter construction. However, there are some instances where wood isn’t the best choice for your shutter.

This material is susceptible to humidity and moisture, which is why it isn’t recommended in your garage, attic, or bathroom. If you wish to include plantation window coverings in these areas, you have an array of options to choose from. One well-liked variation is the ABS polymer louver shutter.plantation shutters

 Colour Options

 By selecting bright colours for your home, you can create an excellent feature for your property. These coloured plantation shutters are perfect for creating a focal point. You can add a theme to your children’s bedroom to make it more interesting or use matching colors on your walls for better aesthetics.

Additionally, by coordinating your window shutters with your existing walls and woodworks, you can make a compact area feel larger. Painting these shutters in the same shade might offer a seamless appearance when these louvers are closed.

 Louver Size

 Knowing what you would like the room to feel like when this plantation shutter installation is complete can help with your selection process. Are you searching for a contemporary feel with wide-open and clean windows? Otherwise, you might like a traditional feel with classic double-hung shutters.

There are endless design options, which can make it challenging to select the right one. However, highlighting what you want to receive from these additions can make your choice more straightforward.

Louver sizes generally depend on your window’s size. Larger shutters can be installed on bigger window frames. Our experts at A2B Windows and Blinds can make recommendations aligning with your specific windows, budget, and desired aesthetics. We can even provide samples to help make your decision easier.

Indoor or Outdoor

 Indoor shutters are beneficial if you’re searching for better light control while looking for an alternative to conventional curtains. These indoor plantation shutters are easy to clean and aren’t a magnet to dust and animal hair, making this covering an excellent option if you suffer from allergies.

Alternatively, outdoor plantation shutters can protect your window from any extreme weather conditions, like hail, storms, and strong windows. These additions offer enhanced durability and can enhance your property’s curb appeal.

Considering why you want to include plantation shutters can help you decide which ones would be best. Our experts can help you pick the best indoor and outdoor shutters that match your specific preferences. 

 Wrapping It Up

 When incorporating plantation shutters into the design of your property, you’re making a lasting investment. However, you must consider all the above-mentioned features while buying Plantation Shutters to ensure you reap the most benefits when making such an investment. Plantation shutters cost a significant amount of time.

Nonetheless, gaining the right design can enhance curb appeal, increase your property’s value, and offer exceptional light control. Moreover, plantation shutters are easier to clean and aren’t associated with any allergies, unlike ordinary curtains.

When investing in plantation shutters, you want a window and blind specialist. That’s why you should call A2B Windows and Blinds today to find out the best plantation shutter solution for your property in Perth.

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