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Double Glazing: 5 Things You Need To Know

What are the 5 Things You Need To Know when it comes to glazing? Double glazing Perth is an undoubtedly valuable addition to an Australian home. The economic value, soundproofing qualities, and security benefits that come with double glazed windows are all part of what makes them so appealing; not to mention how they help to increase the value of a property!

The fact that Australians face some of the highest household energy prices of anywhere in the world, especially compared to places such as the UK and USA who are miles ahead in the double-glazing game, is also a pretty solid endorsement.


This information is common knowledge, but what are some of the things you maybe didn’t know about this home improvement? Before you rush out and get your windows replaced, have a read through the following 5 things you should know about double glazing:

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  1. The Truth about Heat Regulation.

One of the main appeals of this type of glass is its ability to regulate the heat going in and out of your home; something super important to help navigate the stark temperature difference between Australian Summer and Winter. The double glazing keeps heat in, which can make a huge difference during the colder months. In Summer, however, they can trap the heat inside, making things a little uncomfortable here on the hot and dry West Coast. To make sure this does not happen, opt for tinted glass on and sun-facing windows and doors.

  1. Repairs Are Tricky, but Not Impossible for Double Glazing.

You may have heard that fixing broken double-glazed glass cannot be done and the entire door or window must be removed if anything happens. This is not true, although in some bad cases is possible. There are lots of tricks for repairing damaged windows without having to tear out the whole frame. Sometimes re-sealing is enough, other times it may be a case of swapping out the glass.

  1. Not All Windows Are Created Equally.

Double-glazing is double-glazing, right? Wrong. It is important to know the difference between air-sealed windows and argon gas-sealed windows. Air sealed windows are the cheaper option for initial installation, but argon gas saves you a lot more money in the long run. The type of seal is basically what is between the two sheets of glass helping to regulate the heat; a job for which argon gas is far superior. If the idea of gas in your windows concerns you, look into a low-emissivity glass (low-E), which is another great feature for windows and glass doors.

  1. There Are a Lot More Styles Available than You Might Believe for Double Glazing.

Some people think that older buildings with period architecture and prominent heritage features “don’t look right” with double-glazed windows. It goes without saying that these buildings should be preserved as best as possible and the original features respected, but it doesn’t mean someone living in one should have to miss the party. Of course, the ultra-modern designs most associated with the trend wouldn’t be appropriate for a traditional design, but they are not the only option. With a little research, you can find many double-glazed windows that don’t look out of place on an Edwardian townhouse- and some specialists can even custom make them so they fit in perfectly.

  1. Some Lesser-known Benefits.

Aside from the headlining benefits of money and security, Perth double glazing is also good for your health and home interior. This type of glass reduced condensation, which is great for humid weather. Condensation is a trigger for some dangerous types of molds, putting asthmatics or anyone with lung problems at serious risk. Also, a glorious as the Australian sun is as it streams through your window on a summer afternoon, it’s not very kind to soft furnishings. Colored dye is stripped by UV rays, and other natural materials such as leather can get dried out and look old before their time. Double glazing helps block these harmful rays, protecting you and your furniture at the same time.

The initial cost of having double-glazing installed in your home is nothing compared to the benefits you can reap for your finances, security, health, style points, and comfort. This is by no means a one size fits all job, which is why the smartest first move is to contact a licensed expert for professional advice followed by an assessment and quote.

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