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Average Plantation Shutters Price in Perth

Do you want to know more about Perth plantation shutters and whether they are expensive or not? It is essential to consider all your options before embarking on a project like this. Luckily, we at A2B Windows and Blinds can assist you regarding installing plantation shutters in Perth. What Is a Plantation Shutter? Plantation shutters

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What Security Can Roller Shutters Offer

Let’s start with the basics, for those who are unaware of what roller shutters are and how they help with security purposes? What are roller shutters? You must have seen roller shutters mostly on a shop or home doors and many times on windows as well. As their name suggests, these roller shutters can be

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How to clean your outdoor blinds?

Are you among those people who enjoy outdoor living but get frustrated by neighbours peeking into your home or of the scorching heat warming up your entire house like a frying pan? Do flies and other little creatures enter your house like unwanted guests? If your answers are positive, then outdoor blinds are your ultimate

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Keep warm in winter

How to make your house warmer in winter Perth, WA

DOUBLE GLAZING REDUCES HEAT LOSS FROM YOUR HOME AND KEEPS YOU WARMER IN WINTER Do you want to know how to make your house warmer? Well… Double glazing is the ideal form of insulation, with up to 50-70% of Perth’s homes heat lost through single-glazed windows. Double Glazing Perth also helps capture and store a higher percentage

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aluminium framed double glazing windows

Noise reduction with double glazed windows

Do you have noisy neighbours or live in a high traffic area? Double glazed windows offers the best shield against external noises Standard windows are made from a single sheet of 3mm glass. This isn’t enough to provide acoustic (noise) insulation. Using a thicker glass can provide some insulation however double glazed glass offers the

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affordable alfresco patio outdoor blinds perth

What are the Features of Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds?

What are the Features of Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds? There are so many but lets have a look at a few: No zips, cords, ropes or wires. The Ziptrak® spring-balanced system makes zips, cords, ropes and wires totally redundant. The unobtrusive design subtly integrates into your area and is easy to operate. Leave your blind at any

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